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Mário Vinhas e Christophe Antone

Investing in Portugal: Ways to Minimize Risk

Over the past few years, Portugal has managed to draw an increasing number of private citizens as well as corporations looking to invest and conduct their business in Portugal.

Entering a new market means facing new risk of all kinds: commercial, geopolitical, statutory, legal, or risk associated with expat employees.

All companies need to establish a risk management policy to protect their assets and business sustainability, regardless of their scale.

However, when you operate on an international level, you need to engage in complex analysis and you should safeguard your business with a policy that cuts across all markets — a coherent, centralized, tightly-managed policy.

Despite the geographic and cultural similarities with other European countries, Portugal has unique legal frameworks and procedures. 

Risk consultancy and policy purchases are essential to ensuring sustainable development in your business. 

Consultants like MDS, with access to detailed, up-to-the-minute information on each market, coupled with vast know-how, can help companies minimize risk, optimize strategies and boost income through the correct definition of their risk management policy.

Don't forget either that international labour mobility imposes new challenges on professionals and their families that exceed the scope of insurance. 

The MDS Group, through MDS Expat, provides consultancy on all kinds of insurance and is currently developing a partner network to offer its clients a range of complementary services in other areas, namely tax, property, legal, and more.

It should not go unmentioned that MDS Expat is geared toward all expats coming to Portugal needing to find insurance solutions in their native language, accommodating and walking them through the challenges they face. 

We rely on bilingual teams and offices in Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra and Vilamoura, as well as the latest digital tools for customer service and relationship management, which allows us to offer unique, bespoke services.

Among the expat-specific solutions made available by MDS Expat you will find health insurance and workers' comp, as well as construction insurance.

These insurance solutions for companies and private citizens are intended for a non-Portuguese market that may not be familiarized with the language, terms and conditions prevalent in the Portuguese market.

The role of MDS Expat consists in facilitating understanding and comparison among service providers and the products currently available.

We offer a service that accompanies expats throughout the stages of relocation to Portugal, from their earliest questions and concerns to the final implementation of their insurance plans. So many circumstances demand custom, innovative solutions that only an insurance broker can find and provide. 

For example, with regard to health insurance, it is often necessary to develop solutions that will work both in Portugal and the expat's country of origin, through a single policy. 

The swell in migratory and business movement on the European country, and from Europe to the rest of the world, have led to changes in the design of insurance programmes, pushing for more global and ideally turnkey solutions. 

Through Brokerslink, a global brokerage firm established by MDS in 2004, with its head office in Zurich, the group is present throughout 100 countries and can render consultant and support services almost anywhere in the world. 

By Mário Vinhas, MDS Portugal Deputy Executive Director and Christophe Antone, MDS Expat Managing Partner.

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